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In 4-6 of September our team member Nicklas Jansson attended the “Wood Pastures” conference in Sheffield, UK.

Nicklas Jansson presents our results from studies of beetles and birds in Turkish oaks forests.


Posters’ section with tree specialists from the organisation “Ancient Tree Forum”, Ted Green and Jill Butler.


Ted Green and Sarah Henshall from the organisation “Buglife” working with threatened in UK.




In 8-10 of June our team members Mustafa Avcı, Nicklas Jansson and Serdar Göktepe attended the 10th Symposium on the Conservation of Saproxylic Beetles in St Oswald Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany.

Left to right: Nicklas Jansson, Mustafa Avcı, Serdar Göktepe



In July 2017 a tour for taking photos of oak habitat, trees and insects in Gülnar region was made. A travel report can be found under News\Recent Activites\Study Visits

Protaetia sp. (Credit: Stanislav Snäll)



A new study of the wood living beetle fauna in Gülnar region during 2017. In the end of April window traps was set in 60 pollarded oaks. The aim with the study is to learn how important the age of the trees is for the beetle diversity. The Phd student Serdar GÖKTEPE from Mersin University will manage the study in field.



Nicklas Jansson has been participated and made a presentation  at the “International Oak Workshop” on October 18-20, 2016 in Igneada / Kirklareli / Turkey.



 An old Quercus infectoria from Edremit / Turkey – 2013



Our group was created in 2005 at Çukurova University in Adana while starting up the first beetle study of saproxylic beetles on old hollow Oaks in Mersin region.

We are a group of biologists and foresters loving old Oaks and their species richness, giving a great part of our time to study and spread knowledge about what we learn and finds. We all want to save the richness of flora and fauna of Turkish Oaks from extinction.


 Mustafa Avci and Nicklas Jansson at field work in a rainy day – Fethiye / Turkey – 2011